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You can check and track driver's location

Know where your driver is and receiving alerts right away via the app!

At DriverKing, we provide each driver with an ID and tracking software so that he can be followed. It is safe to hire a driver using the DriverKing app because he only provides his service through this app.

You can easily have an eye on your driver through this app tracking.

  • Check where your driver is
  • Is he had done his task or not
  • On which direction he is travelling
  • Route tracking
  • Safety
  • Emergency assistance
  • And everything about your driver availability
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You are safe, your vehicle is safe, and the location of the driver is periodically tracked thanks to this monitoring technology. Surveys are conducted to help us and our services grow.

Who would have imagined a few years ago that the majority of our services would be available via a mobile app and that we could even book a driver completely on our own? All that is left to do is download the DriverKing app, choose your preferences, and then click to download the driver.

These days, organizations that provide you with vehicles and drivers demand a lot of money; they charge a lot per kilometer and even during peak hours, they raise the price through surge pricing.

And even though we are the paying customers, the drivers are rude to us because their employer doesn't pay them adequately or for whatever other excuse there may be.

All of these points lead to the conclusion that DriverKing offers hourly-paid drivers as well as local and out-of-town drivers who drive your automobiles at your convenience and at a very low cost.

Hire Drivers for Hourly Basis

Having your car driven by an unidentified driver raises some red flags, doesn't it? The drivers may be nasty to you or damage your vehicle, and they may drive recklessly! These are all ideas that are valid for you as a client, but with the confidence and security of DriverKing, we give you courteous, knowledgeable drivers that are always ready to help. If your friend who can drive were to become ill or something similar and you had a car, no driving experience, and a plan to travel somewhere, how would you get there? Situations with a variety of challenges can happen at any time.

You may book a driver in Jaipur without any anxiety, whether you want to go shopping or simply visit friends and family. You can also hire hourly drivers at DriverKing. You are no longer need to give the businesses costly fees or full-day fees. Additionally, because they are third-party vendors, businesses who offer you their vehicle as well as the driver, such as taxi services, shouldn't be trusted.

Therefore, with DriverKing, you may hire an hourly driver who will come to your home, drive your car, and transport you wherever you want to go. No matter how often you stop the car, there is no additional payment. Now you can make several pauses while working or meeting with family members without getting exhausted. Simply unwind in the backseat of your car or vehicle and take in the scenery while you're comfortable.

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We follow laws and guidelines

You can simply locate your car and driver with the DriverKing app, and you can view your bill or other outstanding balance in plain view. DriverKing offers multiple payment alternatives to its consumers.

Hiring option:

  • Hire them on hourly basis
  • For a full day basis
  • Also, hire them on a monthly basis

Even, if costumers need out-of-town drivers, DriverKing can provide them. Also, the DriverKing facility is open every single day and night. All of these fields allow you to view your billing amount in full transparency. Since everything is visible, you may receive quick and accurate billing.

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Download our Driver king application and enjoy safe and comfort drive from our professional drivers at the best price.

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