Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Last updated: July 28, 2022

Welcome to our mobile app and/or our Website. DriverKing is a technology-based service provider that enables the hiring of drivers by commuters/ passengers for a point-to-point pick-up and drop-off Service, within city limits and outside city limits, through the mobile Application and Website. The Service is designed to provide you with information and an option to obtain short-term, individual driver solutions to arrange round-trip and point-to-point driver services at your request. As the User, you authorise DriverKing to control your vehicle and take decisions on your behalf for an amount of time set by you.

This T&C is an agreement between DriverKing ("DriverKing," "we," "us," or "our") and you, which governs your Use of the DriverKing Application and Website. This Agreement is applicable for all users unless it is specified accordingly. All T & Cs apply to you, and the term of Use binds you If you continue to browse the Website (www.driverking.in) and/or use the Mobile Application.

The T&C is an electronic record under the terms of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules there under as appropriate and the amended provisions about electronic records in varied statutes as amended by the IT Act, 2000. This is published in parity with the provisions of Rule 3 (1) of the IT (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011 that require posting the rules and regulations, privacy policy, and Terms of Use for access or usage of www.driverking.in website and DriverKing applications for mobile and handheld devices.


For the definitions of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

"DriverKing," "we," "our," and "us" shall mean DriverKing or Driverking's website/application;

"You," yourself / yourselves, and here "your" shall mean a Driverking's website/application User who fulfills the eligibility criteria explained below;

"Application" shall mean the Mobile Application Developed by DriverKing and downloaded and installed by you on your single mobile device (smartphone);

"Driver" or "Drivers" shall represent the Driver interacting with you by using Driverking's Website/Application; "Force Majeure" shall have the meaning as set out in Clause VII; "Service" or "Services" shall mean the Service of providing short-term private Driver services via the Application/Website as defined in Clause I;

"User" or "Users" shall have the meaning as set out in Clause III; and "Website" shall mean the website www.driverking.in.

Our Services:

Driverking offers skilled drivers to its users at their doorstep. Our services are available 24*7, and a user can book a driver according to their need. We don't offer just drivers; we offer trust and safety; before providing any driver to users, we conduct a skills Exam and follow a comprehensive documentation process.

1. Accepting Terms of Use


1.2. These Terms of Use stated herein constitute an agreement in law between the parties, DriverKing, and its affiliates. To access your Service, you need to be a party to the terms of Use which are as follows. By using the mobile app and websites provided to you through DriverKing (the "Application" also known as an "App") and downloading, installing, or using any of the associated Software offered through DriverKing (the "Software") By using the Software, you expressly acknowledged and bound to accept by these Terms of Use, as well as any future changeovers and amendments in these terms of Use, as released from time to time via the Application. In addition, by installing the DriverKing Application on your computer or mobile device, you agree to all rules, conditions, and other information available in the DriverKing Application entirely and on the DriverKing website, including but not limited to the Terms of Service Privacy Policy (Website hyperlink) Terms of Use that are customized to the services provided by DriverKing as well as the Rules of the Application.

1.3. Please consider that DriverKing can alter any portion of these Terms of Usage anytime. If it does, it will notify you with a reasonable notice period. Your continuing Use of the Application and/or the Services following the notice period will signify your consent to the modified terms of Use. You agree that it will be your responsibility to check the Terms of Service regularly as well as the Terms of Service apply to any country you access the Service and that your continuance of using the Service following any changes, regardless of whether you check them, will signify your Agreement and acceptance to the modifications. Additionally, you agree that Use for any service in another location will remain subject to Terms of Service applicable to that country which are found on the Application.

1.4. Every Service provided by users on any of the customized services of DriverKing is a separate contract between these individuals. DriverKing is a tech company that does not offer any services for customers to order the hotel or Service provided by DriveKing directly. In addition, DriverKing does not function as a transport or company that provides courier services. It is up to third-party service providers to offer services to you, and it is your responsibility to take advantage of them. The purpose of DriverKing is to connect you with these service providers. Still, it does not intend to provide these services or perform any other activity that could be understood as an individual service provider act.

1.5. DriverKing is not responsible nor liable for the acts and/or omissions of any service provider to you.

1.6. You have the option to request Us to send You information regarding services, discounts, and promotions provided by Us. If you require Us to provide You information regarding offers, discounts, and promotions relating to the Services availed by You, click "Yes"; otherwise, click "No ." If you click "Yes," We or an authorised representative shall provide the above information via an SMS or email to Your registered mobile number/registered email id. You also have the option to discontinue receiving such information at any point in time. To stop receiving such information, You may visit the specific link provided on Our Site at any point to discontinue the same. Solely to enable Us to use the information so that We are not violating any rights You might have in Your Information, You agree to grant Us a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub-licensable (through multiple tiers) right to exercise the copyright, publicity, database rights or any other rights You have in Your Information, in any media now known or not currently known, concerning Your Information. We will only use Your Information following these T&Cs and Our Privacy Policy.

1.7. You shall not engage in advertising to, or solicitation of, other users of the Site to buy or sell any products or services, including, but not limited to, services being displayed on or related to the Site. You may not transmit any chain letters or unsolicited commercial or junk email to other users via the Site. It shall be a violation of these T&Cs to use any information obtained from the Site to ridicule, abuse, or damage another individual or to contact, advertise to, solicit, or sell to another person outside of the Site without Our prior explicit consent. To protect Our users from such advertising or solicitation, We reserve the right to restrict the number of messages or emails a user may send to other users in any 24-hour period, which We may deem appropriate in Our sole discretion.

1.8. You understand that We have the right at all times to disclose any information (including the identity of the persons providing information or materials on the Site) as necessary to satisfy any law, regulation, or valid governmental request. This may include, without limitation, disclosure of the information in connection with the investigation of alleged illegal activity or solicitation of criminal activity or response to a lawful court order or subpoena. In addition, We can (and You at this moment expressly authorize Us to) disclose any information about You to law enforcement or other government officials, as We, in Our sole discretion, believe necessary or appropriate in connection with the investigation and/or resolution of possible crimes, especially those that may involve personal injury.

1.9. We reserve the right but have no obligation to monitor the materials posted on the Site. We shall have the right to remove or edit any Content that in its sole discretion violates, or is alleged to violate, any applicable law or the temperament or letter of these T&Cs. Notwithstanding this right, YOU STAY SOLELY ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE CONTENT OF THE MATERIALS YOU POST ON THE SITE/application AND IN YOUR PRIVATE MESSAGES. Please be advised that such Content posted does not necessarily reflect our views. In no event shall we assume or have any responsibility or liability for any Content posted or for any claims, damages, or losses resulting from the Use of Content and/or formation of Content on the Site. You now represent and warrant that You have all necessary rights in and to all Content You provide and all information it contains and that such Content shall not infringe any proprietary or other rights of third parties or contain any libelous, tortious, or otherwise unlawful information.

1.10. Your correspondence or business dealings with, or participation in promotions of, third-party advertisers found on or through the Site/application, including payment and delivery of related goods or services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties, or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between You and such third party advertiser. We shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage incurred as the outcome of any such dealings or the actuality of such third-party advertisers on the Site.

1.11. Other users (including unauthorized users or "hackers") may post or transmit offensive or obscene materials on the Site. As a result, you may be involuntarily exposed to such offensive and obscene materials. In addition, others can obtain personal information about You on the public forum due to your Use of the Site. The recipient may use such information to harass or injure You. We disapprove of such unauthorized usefulness but by using the Site. You admit and approve that We shall not be answerable for the Use of any personal report that You publicly reveal or share with others on the Site. Please carefully select the type of information that You publicly reveal or share with others on the Site or from the Site on other social platforms (e.g., but not limited to Facebook).

1.12. We shall have all the rights to take necessary action and claim damages that may occur due to Your involvement/participation in any way on Your own or through group/s of people, intentionally or unintentionally, in DoS/DDoS (Distributed Denial of Services).

1.13. Driverking's performance of this T&Cs is subject to existing laws and legal processes of the Government of India, and nothing contained in the T&C is in derogation of Driverking's right to comply with law enforcement requests or requirements relating to your Use of this Service or information provided to or gathered by Driverking concerning such Use. You agree that Driverking may provide details of your Use of the Service to regulators or police, or any other third party or resolve disputes or complaints at the Service at Driveking's discretion.

1.14. This Agreement constitutes the Agreement between the Customer and the D4M Wallet payment service. It supersedes all prior or contemporaneous communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral or written, between the Customer concerning this Service. A printed version of the T&C and any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings based upon or relating to the T&C to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form.

1.15. Each User may be issued a personal identification number (PIN) to enable the User of services to access their Account on the Internet and avail of any privilege, benefit, or Service that may be offered by or to make transactions using SMS. The PIN will be communicated to the Cardholder at their risk, who shall not disclose the PIN to any person and shall take all possible care to avoid its discovery. The User shall be liable for all transactions made using the PIN, whether with or without the Cardholder's knowledge. Reserves the right to refuse transactions if it believes that the PIN is being misused or used without appropriate authorization.

2. Eligibility

2.1. When using your Account, you represent and guarantee that you can legally accept and consent to the Terms of Service and are at least 18 years old. Without limiting the scope of the above, and in addition, it is a condition that the Service is not accessible to those who are not permitted for any reason to enter into a contractual relationship. When you use your Account, you affirm as a warranty that you possess the authority, right, and ability to use the Service and to comply with the Terms of Service. You further warrant that all information you supply to DriverKing is authentic and correct. You confirm that you are using the Service for your exclusive personal Use. You agree not to permit others to use your name or user account, and you cannot transfer or assign your user account to another individual or entity. While you use the Service, you must comply with all applicable laws, regardless of whether they are in your birthplace country or in the state, government, and city where you reside when you use the Service.

2.2. You are only able to access the Service through authorized means. Your responsibility is to confirm and verify that you've downloaded the appropriate Software to your particular device. DriverKing is not responsible if you do not own the correct machine or if you downloaded the incorrect version of the Software to your device. Driverking reserves the option not to access the Service or attempt to use the Application or the Software using an incompatible or unauthorized device or for any other purpose than the Software or the Application designed to be used.

2.3. If you are a service provider, you further represent the warrant or guarantee that you hold an active license and all the necessary certificates, licenses, approvals, and certificates. As a driver, you must notify DriverKing if you stop having the above rights and permissions, credentials, and certifications.

3. Prices and Payments

3.1. The payment order is confined to Use for each tailored Service.

3.2. You confirm that this Agreement shall be subject to all prevailing statutory taxes, duties, fees, charges, and costs, denominated, as may be in force and in reference with any future taxes that may be presented at any time. You further compromise to use your most sensible efforts to do everything essential and required by the appropriate laws to enable, assist and defend Driverking to declare or confirm any input tax credit, set off, reimbursement or refund in respect of any taxes paid or expected in association with the Services provided under this Agreement.

3.3. You are responsible for collecting and remission all taxes associated with the services you provide or receive or any transactions through your Use of the Services. Driverking will not be held accountable for any transactions between the passengers and the drivers where tax-related misconduct has occurred.

3.4. Driverking may at any time propose changes to the fee. When Driverking does that, it will provide you with a reasonable notification. Your continued use of the Application and the Services after the notice period will constitute your acceptance of the updated fees.

3.5. A refund is the amount of the fee from canceled orders, which the Driver will receive back; each payment will be refunded separately 30 days after the order was canceled. Refunds will apply to the drivers only. 3.6 We will deduct the fee according to the terms of Use of customized Service in Driverking.

4. Licence Grant and Restrictions

4.1. Licence. Subject to your compliance with these Terms of Use, Driverking grants you a restricted,non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable,revocable license to (a) access and use the Application on your device only to utilize the Services; and (b) permit and view any content or materials that may be made public through the Services, in each point only for your individual, non-commercial benefit. Driverking and Driverking's licensors reserve all rights not expressly granted to you herein.

4.2. Limitations and conditions. You are not authorized to (a) remove any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notifications from any part of the Services; (b) revise, create derivative works based upon, duplicate, distribute, license, lease, sell, resell, transfer, publicly display, stream, broadcast or otherwise use the Services unless given a written consent to do so by Driverking; (c) reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise attempt to discover or change the source code of the Services besides as may be allowed by appropriate law; (d) frame, connect to or mirror any part of the Services; (e) cause or run any programs or scripts for scraping, indexing, surveying or manipulating any other form of data collecting on any part of the Services or consciously overloading or restraining the operation and/or functionality of any element of the Services; or (f) try to attain unauthorized access to or risk to deterioration any part of the Services or its interconnected systems or networks.

4.3. You shall not (i) license, sublicense, sell, resell, transfer, assign, distribute or otherwise commercially exploit or make available to any third party the Application and/or the Software in any way; (ii) modify or make derivative works based on the Application and/or the Software; (iii) create internet "links" to the Application or "frame" or "mirror" any Software on any other server or wireless or internet-based device; (iv) reverse engineer or access the Software in order to (a) build a competitive product or Service, (b) build a product using similar ideas, features, functions or graphics of the Application and/or the Software, or (c) copy any ideas, features, functions or graphics of the Application and/or the Software, (v) launch an automated program or script, including, but not limited to, web spiders, web crawlers, web robots, web ants, web indexers, bots, viruses or worms, or any program which may make multiple server requests per second, or unduly burdens or hinders the operation and/or performance of the Application and/or the Software, (vi) use any robot, spider, site search/retrieval application, or other manual or automatic device or process to retrieve, index, "data mine", or in any way reproduce or circumvent the navigational structure or presentation of the Services or its contents; (vii) post, distribute or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information without obtaining the prior consent of the owner of such proprietary rights, (viii) remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notices contained in the Service.

4.4. You may use the Software and/or the Application only for your purpose and shall not use the Software and/or the Application to (i) send spam or otherwise repetitive or uninvited messages; (ii) send or store infringing, indecent, menacing, defamatory, or otherwise wrongful or tortious material, including but not limited to materials harmful to children or violative of third party privacy rights; (iii) send material having software viruses, worms, trojan horses or other damaging computer code, files, scripts, agents or programs; (iv) interrupt with or disrupt the virtue or interpretation of the Software and/or the Application or the data included therein; (v) endeavor to attain unauthorized entry to the Software and/or the Application or its interconnected systems or networks; or (vi) simulate any person or entity or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity.

4.5. You should forgo any manners that could damage Driverking's reputation or amount to being disparaging or bringing Driverking into disrepute.

5. Intellectual Property Ownership

5.1. All text, photographs, trademarks, logos, sounds, graphics, user interfaces, visual interfaces, music, artwork, and computer code (collectively, "Content"), including but not specified to the design, structure, expression,selection, coordination, "look and feel" and interpretation of such Content, organized on the Site is owned, controlled or licensed by or to Us, and is protected by trade dress, copyright, patent and trademark laws, and various other intellectual property rights and unfair competition laws.

5.2. Except as expressly provided in these T&Cs, no part of the Site and no Content may be copied, reproduced,republished, uploaded, posted, publicly displayed, encoded, translated, transmitted, or distributed in any way (including "mirroring") to any other computer, server, Website or another medium for publication or distribution or any commercial enterprise, without Our express prior written consent.

5.3. You may use the information on Our services purposely made available by Us for downloading from the Site, provided that You:

  • do not remove any proprietary notice language in all copies of such documents; or
  • Use such information only for Your personal, non-commercial informational purpose and do not copy or post such information on any networked computer or broadcast it in any media; or
  • Make no modifications to any such information; or
  • Do not make any additional representations or warranties relating to such documents.
  • You shall be responsible for any notes, messages, emails, billboard postings, photos, drawings, profiles, opinions, ideas, images, videos, audio files, or other materials or information posted or transmitted to the Sites ("Posted Content"). Such Posted Content will become Our property, and You grant Us the worldwide, perpetual, and transferable rights in such Posted Content. We shall be entitled to use the Posted Content or any of its elements for any Use forever, including but not limited to promotional and advertising purposes and in any media, whether now known or hereafter devised, including the creation of derivative works that may include Posted Content. You agree that we may use any Posted Content as we deem fit, consistent with Applicable Laws, and You are not entitled to any payment or other compensation for such Use of Posted Content by Us.
6.Restricted Activities

6.1. Regarding the Use of Driverking and your participation in the Services, you agree that, while on the Application or otherwise using the Service, you will not:

  • Interfere with the Services/the servers/networks connected to Driverking;
  • Stalk, endanger, or otherwise bother any person, or carry any weapons;
  • Violate any law, statute, ordinance, or regulation;
  • Fraudulently impersonate any person or entity ;
  • Post Information/ interacting on Driverking App or Services in a manner that is incorrect, erroneous, deceitful (directly or by deletion or negligence to contemporize information), calumnious, calumnious, abusive, vulgar, profane, offensive, sexually-oriented, threatening, harassing, or illegal;
  • Use the Driverking App or Service in any way that infringes any third party's rights, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or other proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy;
  • Publish Post, email, or otherwise transmit any malicious code, files, or programs designed to interrupt, damage, or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment or expropriate any system, data, or personal information;
  • forge headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers to disguise the origin of any content transmitted through Driverking;
  • modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decipher, decompile or otherwise disassemble any portion of Software or any software used on or for Driverking;
  • Rent, lease, lend, sell, redistribute, license, or sublicense Driverking App and the Site or access to any portion of Driverking;
  • Use any robot, spider, site search/retrieval application, or other manual or automatic device or process to retrieve, index, scrape, "data mine," or in any way reproduce or circumvent the navigational structure or presentation of Driverking or its contents;
  • Create liability for us or cause us to become subject to regulation as a transportation carrier or provider of taxi service;
  • Link directly or indirectly to any other websites;
  • Transfer or sell your User account, password, and/or identification to any other party; or Cause any third party to engage in the restricted activities above.

7.1. You shall maintain in confidence all information and data relating to Driverking, its services, products, business affairs, marketing, and promotion plans or other operations and its associated companies which are disclosed to you by or on behalf of Driverking (whether orally or in writing and whether before, on or after the date of this Agreement) or which are differently directly or indirectly acquired by you from Driverking, or any of its affiliated companies, or created in the course of this Agreement ("Confidential Information"). You shall further ensure that you, your officers, employees, and agents only use such confidential information to perform the Services and shall not, without Driverking's prior written consent, disclose such information to any third party nor use it for any other purpose. You shall only disclose such information to officers, employees, and agents as needed to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement.

7.2. You agree to take all reasonable measures to protect the secrecy of and avoid disclosure or Use of Confidential Information of Driverking to prevent it from falling into the public domain. Notwithstanding the above, you shall not have liability to Driverking concerning any Confidential Information which you can prove was in the public domain at the time it was disclosed by Driverking or has entered the public domain through no fault of yours; was known to you, without restriction, at the time of disclosure, as demonstrated by files in existence at the time of exposure; is disclosed with the prior written approval of Driverking; becomes known to you, without restriction, from a source other than Driverking without breach of this Agreement by you and otherwise not in violation of Driverking's rights; or is disclosed under the order or requirement of a court, administrative agency, or other governmental body; provided, however, that you shall give prompt notice of such court order or need to Driverking to enable Driverking to seek a protective order or otherwise prevent or restrict such disclosure.

8. Personal Data

8.1. You agree and consent to Driverking using and processing your Personal Data for the purposes and in the manner as identified hereunder.

8.2. For this Agreement, "Personal Data" means information about you from which you are identifiable, including but not limited to your name, identification card number, address, telephone number, credit or debit card details, gender, date of birth, email address, any information about you which you have provided to Driverking in registration forms, application forms or any other similar forms and/or any information about you that has been or may be collected, stored, used and processed by Driverking from time to time and includes Sensitive Personal Information.

8.3. The provision of your Personal Data is voluntary. However, if you do not provide Driverking with your Personal Data, your access to the Application may be incomplete, and Driverking will not be able to process your Data for the purposes outlined in our Privacy Policy, and this may cause Driverking to be unable to allow you to use the Service.

8.4. You agree that Driverking may send you push notifications and emails and contact you by telephone or text messages (including by an automatic telephone dialing system) at any of the phone numbers provided by you or on your behalf in connection with a Driverking account, including for marketing purposes. You understand that you are not required to provide this consent as a condition of purchasing any property, goods, or services from Driverking.

8.5. Collection and Use of Personal Information in connection with the Services is described in Driverking Privacy Policy located at https://Driverking.com/mobile/page/privacyPolicy/


By agreeing to the Terms of Use and/or using the Service, you agree that you shall defend, indemnify and hold Driverking, its officers, directors, members, employees, attorneys, and agents harmless from and against any claims, costs, damages, losses, liabilities, and expenses (including attorneys' fees and costs) arising out of or in connection with: (a) your Use of the Service, Software and/or the Application, your dealing with the third party transportation providers, third-party providers, partners, advertisers and/or sponsors, or (b) your infringement or violation of any of the Terms of Use or any applicable law or regulation, whether or not referenced herein or (c) your infringement of any privileges of any third party, including third-party conveyance providers arranged via the Service, or (d) your Use or misuse of the Service, Software and the Application.

10. Disclaimer of Warranties


10.2. Without limiting the Application of the Indian Consumer Law and any other applicable laws, all conditions, representations, and warranties, whether express, implied, statutory, or otherwise, including, without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of third party rights, are at this moment excluded and disclaimed to the most significant and maximum extent. Driverking makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee as to the reliability, safety, timeliness, quality, suitability, or availability of any services, including but not limited to the third-party transportation services obtained by or from third parties through the Use of the Service, Application and/or the Software. You acknowledge and agree that the entire risk arising out of your Use of the Service, and any third-party services, including but not limited to the third-party transportation services, remains solely and absolutely with you. You shall have no recourse whatsoever to Driverking.

10.3. The Service, Application, and/or the Software may be subject to limitations, delays, and other problems inherent in the Use of the Internet and electronic communications, including the device used by you or the third party transportation provider being faulty, not connected, out of range, switched off or not functioning. Driverking is not responsible for delays, delivery failures, damages, or losses resulting from such problems.

11.Limitation of Liability

11.1. The information, recommendations, and/or Services provided to you on or throughthe Website/Application are for general information and do not constitute advice. Driverking will take reasonable steps to keep the Website/Application and its contents correct and up to date but does not guarantee that the contents of the Website/Application are free of errors, defects, malware, and viruses or that the Website/Application are correct, up to date and accurate.

11.2. Driverking shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the Use of, or inability to use, the Website/Application, including damages caused by malware, viruses, or any incorrectness or incompleteness of the information on the Website/Application.

11.3. Driverking shall further not be liable for damages resulting from the Use of, or the inability to use, electronic means of communication with the Website/Application, including — but not limited to — damages resulting from failure or delay in delivery of electronic communications, interception or manipulation of electronic communications by third parties or by computer programs used for electronic communications and transmission of viruses.

11.4. Without prejudice to the preceding, and in so far as allowed under applicable mandatory law, Driverking's aggregate liability shall in no event exceed the equivalent of the amount for the payment of the Services.

11.5. The quality of the Services requested through the Use of the Application is entirely the responsibility of the Driver, who ultimately provides such transportation services to you. Driverking under no circumstance accepts liability in connection with and/or arising from the Services offered by the Driver or any acts, actions, behavior, conduct, and/or negligence on the part of the Driver.

11.6. We shall not be held liable for any failure or delay in performing Services where such failure arises as a result of any act or omission, which is outside our reasonable control, such as unprecedented circumstances, overwhelming and unpreventable events caused directly and exclusively by forces of nature that can be neither anticipated, nor controlled, nor prevented by the exercise of prudence, diligence, and care, including but not limited to war, riot, civil commotion; compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction and acts of third parties ("Force Majeure").

11.7. If we have contracted to provide identical or similar Service to more than one User and are prevented from fully meeting our obligations to you because of an event of Force Majeure, we may decide at our absolute discretion which booking we will fulfill by providing the Service, and to what extent.

11.8. We have taken all reasonable steps to prevent internet fraud and ensure any data collected from you is stored as securely and safely as possible. However, we shall not be held liable in the unlikely event of a breach in our secure computer servers or those of third parties other than as required under applicable law.

11.9. If we reasonably believe that there exists an abuse of vouchers and/or discount codes or suspect an instance of fraud, we may cause the User to be blocked immediately and reserve the right to refuse future Service. Additionally, should there exist an abuse of vouchers or discount codes, Driverking reserves the right to seek compensation from any such Users.

11.10. Driverking does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any information or advertisements (collectively, the "Content") contained on, distributed through, or linked, downloaded or accessed from, or contained on the Website/Application, or the quality of any products, information or other materials displayed, or obtained by you as a result of an advertisement or any additional information or offer in or in connection with the Service.

11.11. Offers are subject to Driverking's discretion and may be withdrawn at any time and without notice.


Small data files known as cookies are widely used as anonymous, unique identifiers. These are downloaded by your browser from the websites you visit into the internal memory of your device. This service does not specifically use these "cookies." The app may include third-party libraries and code in order to collect data and improve their services. Drivers are notified when one of these cookies is being delivered to your device, and they can choose to accept it or reject it. If you choose to reject our cookies, you might not be able to use all of our Services.

12. User accounts offer promotions

12.1. Driverking has the right to manage User data, including name, contact information, and other details to stimulate Services or Use of its platform to avail Services. All information gathered from the User is on a bona fide basis. Misuse and misrepresentation of individualism or contact details will lead to automatic cessation of Services or the Use of the platform without prior notice to such Users.

12.2. User accounts bearing contact numbers and email IDs are created and owned by Driverking. Any promotional discounts and offers accumulated can be revoked without prior notice in the event of suspicious account activity or mala fide intent of the User.

12.3. If the system cannot establish a user's unique identity against a valid mobile number or email ID, the Account shall be indefinitely suspended. Driverking reserves the complete discretion to suspend a user's Account in the above event and does not have the liability for sharing any account information whatsoever.

13. Governing Law

13.1. Any dispute, controversy, or claim arising from or relating to this T&Cs or the validity, interpretation, breach, or termination thereof ("Dispute"), including claims seeking redress or asserting rights under the Applicable Law, shall be amicably settled through mutual consultation and escalation. If the Dispute is not settled amicably as aforesaid within a period of (Mention the specific days) calendar days, the matter would be referred to Arbitration under the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The Arbitration shall be presided over by a sole arbitrator mutually appointed by Us and the User.

13.2. The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in the English language. The venue for the arbitration proceedings shall be (Mention the place of Arbitration)

13.3. These T&Cs shall be governed by and construed following the laws of India. You and we agree that any controversy or claim arising from or relating to these T&Cs will be adjudicated exclusively before a competent court in (State) India only.

14. Revision of T&Cs

14.1. We reserve the right to change any of the T&Cs or any policies or guidelines governing the Site or Services at any time and Our sole discretion. Any changes will be effective upon posting the revisions on the Site, and We may send You an automated email to Your registered email ID or SMS informing you about the changes made. You would be required to view the modified changes on the Internet. You are deemed to have agreed to the amendment/change by keeping or using the Service after notification. If You do not agree with any amendment of the terms and conditions, You may cancel the Service by informing in writing to Driverking or closing your Account on the Internet or by SMS.

14.2. Unless otherwise specified by Us, revised T&Cs will take effect automatically and be binding from the day they are posted on the Site. By continuing to access or use Services, you will be deemed to have agreed to accept and be bound by such revised T&Cs. If You do not agree to the revised T&Cs, you should discontinue accessing Our Site or using Our Services immediately.

14.3. We reserve the right, at Our sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these T&Cs, at any time without prior written notice to You. It is Your responsibility to review these T&Cs periodically for updates/changes. Your continued use of the Website following the posting of changes will mean that You accept and agree to the revisions. As long as You comply with these T&Cs, we grant You a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited privilege to enter and use the Site.

15. communication with Us
  • Any notice or notification concerning these T&Cs you wish to make to Us must be made in writing to Attn: Car (Name of the company).
  • Address:
  • Email: contact@Driverking.com
  • All Your communication with Us will be professional only. You will not contact Us to harass, intimidate, threaten any person, or promote any cause you may support.
  • You will be subject to Our T&Cs and privacy policy.
  • Any notice given by Driverking hereunder will be deemed to have been received by you within ,,...........days of posting your address last notified in writing to Driverking or within 24 hours of sending the same via email or SMS at the email address specified by you or your registered mobile phone number. Any notice may be sent by fax or communicated verbally and confirmed in writing by post or fax. Driverking shall not be held accountable for delays in receipt of notifications by post. If there is any change in your email and/or employment and/or office and/or residential address and/or telephone numbers, you shall inform Driverking promptly in writing or by email. You must confirm the same by mail or fax.
Copyright complaint

We respect the intellectual property of others. However, in case You feel that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, you can write to Us at contact@Driverking.in. Severability.

Suppose any part of these T&Cs is invalid or unenforceable under the Applicable Laws. In that case, the feeble or unenforceable requirements will be deemed substituted by a valid, enforceable requirement that most closely matches the intent of the original provision, and the remainder of these T&Cs will continue in effect.

  • Any costs incurred by Driverking to enforce its rights and recovery shall be debited to your Account.
  • Where Driverking acts in good faith in response to any oral or electronic instruction or inquiry from you in respect of any matter about your Account, you will not be entitled to claim or allege any loss, damage, liability, expense, etc., attributable, directly or indirectly, to any such good faith action of Driverking and you agree to hold Driverking harmless in respect thereof.
  • If required by law to do so or if considered necessary to do so for proper management of credit or business risk, Driverking reserves the right to disclose any Cardholder information, including default in any payments or misuse of the Service, to any court of competent jurisdiction, quasi-judicial authority, law enforcement agency, a relevant wing of the Central Government or State Government, your employer, credit reference agency, financial institution or any company which is an affiliate or associate or parent or subsidiary of Driverking.
  • You, as a result of this Agreement that the Application and copies of all documents submitted in support thereof and for the ongoing operation of the Driverking Account by you to Driverking are and shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Driverking and Driverking, shall not be obliged to return the same to you upon your request or the termination of this Agreement.
  • You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations from time to time which governor may be affected by the Use of the Service.
  • Driverking, our parent, subsidiaries, employees, and suppliers provide our services "as is" and without any warranty or condition, express implied, or statutory. Driverking, our parent, subsidiaries, employees, and suppliers expressly disclaim any implied warranties of title, merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
  • In no event shall Driverking, our parent, subsidiaries, employees, or our suppliers be liable for lost profits or any special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with our Website, our Service, or the T&C (however arising, including negligence). Driverking shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that requests for electronic debits and credits involving bank accounts, credit cards, and check issuances are processed promptly and but Driverking makes no representations or warranties regarding the amount of time needed to complete processing because our Service is mainly dependent upon many factors outside of our control.
  • You are aware of all security risks, including possible third-party interception of any of your transactions and statements of Account on the Internet and the contents of your dealings or reports of Account becoming known to third parties. You agree and undertake that you shall not hold Driverking liable in any way. The Use and storage of any information, including the Card number, PIN, password, account information, transaction activity, account balances, and any other information available on your Internet access device, computer, or mobile phone, is at your own risk and responsibility.
  • As your account ID is connected to your mobile number, it is your responsibility to inform Driverking if you terminate using the mobile number that corresponds to your account ID. You can access the account ID corresponding to the mobile number you register with only until you have access to the corresponding mobile number. You are responsible for transferring your account ID to a new mobile number if and when you change it. Not doing so may give access to your DriverKing Wallet credit balance to the new User of the same mobile number, and Driverking will not be liable or responsible for the same. You are also accountable for ensuring the security of your PIN. If you lose your mobile phone and Driverking Password/PIN, you should write to Driverking immediately. Driverking shall make every attempt to block access to your Driverking account under such circumstances. However, Driverking shall not be liable for any losses a user may incur due to the above. The responsibility to safeguard the Driverking coupon balance rests entirely with the User.
  • Signing up for Driverking services allows you also allow Driverking to send you emails and SMS alerts from time to time.
  • Driverking will be entitled to enter into any tie-up in terms of joint-venture or otherwise with any other institution engaged in providing services analogous and/or similar to those contained herein. In such a case, depending upon the modality and the mechanism as may be devised, the Customer will be provided with the services by the Service Provider jointly and/or severally with the party/is in the joint venture. The Customer, at this moment, gives his irrevocable consent and permission to such a tie-up. In the event of such a tie-up, the terms and conditions herein contained will, mutatis mutandis, also become applicable in respect of such tie-up arrangement.